With a fortunate stroke of serendipity, two young designers would meet while halfway across the world. While studying architecture in Italy, these two strangers would indulge in both wine and conversation for hours on end. Before parting ways, they promised to remain friends forever... Never forgetting the promise made under the Italian sky, the two remain best friends to this day - 20 years later!

At HEDA JORDAN DESIGNS, our commitment to you isn’t an empty statement to be casually thrown around. It means something special. It means giving you high-quality jewelry and excellent customer service.

We aim to celebrate the legacy and resiliency of the modern woman. You will see this through our selection of the highest quality ethically sourced materials, meticulously hand-crafted designs, and a unique dash of flair.

Some jewelry out there is either too fancy for this occasion or too casual for another. Through painstaking craft, we have created versatile pieces for any event, modern but with a classy touch.

Take a look for yourself and create a piece that matches your personality or find the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. 

Our Team

Heather Gerety is your Designer Guru. She has been painting and creating all of her life. She was truly born with the soul of an artist. After spending 20 years in San Francisco, CA working in Architecture and Commercial Real Estate, Heather made the leap to Texas to share her inspiration and love for creating with the world.

Karen Freestone is your Photographer Extraordinaire. She has devoted her life to capturing the essence of something beautiful. Her Architecture background and world travels have sharpened her eye to balance, style, and how to gracefully express an idea or emotion. She has joined Heather to bring this company to life and fulfill a lifelong dream of photography.