Precious Metals and Gems 
We craft our pieces by hand and by using precious metals of gold and silver and some gemstones. All materials are sourced from socially responsible and ethically certified providers. The precious metal alloys used in the making of HEDA JORDAN DESIGNS jewelry consist of sterling silver and 14K yellow gold.


For some tiaras, we provide gold vermeil as a less expensive option than pure gold. Gold vermeil is created applying a gold plate of 24K gold on top of a sterling silver tiara. This allows for the rich beautiful color that only comes from 24K gold without the expense of a pure gold tiara. Additionally, this prevents known allergies that can develop from various other blends of non-precious metals. In case you didn’t know: the word “vermeil” comes from the French language and is pronounced “ver-may.”


Additionally, we use precious and semi-precious gemstones in some of our jewelry pieces. We try to provide both options based on our customer’s preferences. Each gemstone is carefully selected and placed by hand in our jewelry by our team. We only use gems that are sourced from socially responsible and ethically certified providers.


Care & Cleaning
At HEDA JORDAN DESIGNS, we are dedicated to providing quality jewelry that will last for your lifetime and beyond. Although our jewelry is meant for every occasion, and we want you to wear it everyday, we do not recommend sleeping, showering or exercising while wearing your jewelry pieces. Furthermore, please do not spray perfumes, hair sprays, or lotions directly near your jewelry as many beauty products can cause tarnishing of metals.


A little TLC and regular polishing of your jewelry pieces will take care of most tarnishing and cleaning problems. We provide polishing cloths to each customer that are specially treated for cleaning and polishing your jewelry. First, clean your jewelry with the cream-colored cloth and then lightly buff it with the black cloth to create a rich luster.


If your jewelry needs a little more attention, first try using some warm water, mild soap and a soft brush to buff your jewelry pieces. This process is usually all that is needed to make your piece of jewelry shine. If you are looking for a real sparkle, you can try our HEDA Jewelry Cleaning Kit, which is an all-botanical, hypoallergenic formula that will clean your jewelry beautifully.