Determine Your Ring Size

A ring that fits properly should slide comfortably over your knuckle and feel snug enough to stay in place as your hand moves. We have ring sizes in full and half sizes. All of our rings are standard US ring sizes. However, please consider the width of the band when measuring for a ring. Generally, a ring with a band 1/4" or wider requires a half size larger.



Determine Two-Finger Ring Sizes

We have several different styles of two finger rings. If these rings are sized properly, they can be just as comfortable as any one-finger ring. Each of them fit a little differently for different purposes.


Selecting a Necklace Chain

When selecting a chain’s length, consider the person who will be wearing the chain. A chain can look longer on someone with narrower and longer neck (or vice versa). Chains that are a little longer can go over the head without unfastening. This can be helpful to someone who has trouble fastening small clasps.

If you plan to wear your chain with a charm or pendant, consider the size of the pendant when selecting the length of the chain. Additionally, select a chain to accommodate the weight of the pendant and complement the design of the piece. Each should complement the other; neither should dominate.


Determine Your Tiara Size

Most people haven’t worn tiaras don’t know the perfect size. Please click here to find our Tiara Size and Style guide. Additionally, please click here if you wish to chat with one of our team members.